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If you’re looking for a reliable, portable concentrate pen there is one option that stands above all the others, The J-Pen. Its innovative design allows it to pack an incredible punch while being easy to use; and is guaranteed to get you high and never let you down.


The J-Pen is Vaporous Technologies Flagship Device that will forever change the way you look at portable concentrate pens. From what appears to be a simplistic design on the outside is actually a series of interconnected technological breakthroughs that make all of our competitors obsolete.

The J-Pen comes with 2 interchangable 14mm dual core atomizers to create the perfect hit for your personal preference. The Ceramic core heats rapidly creating a more explosive hit, while the Quartz core heats at an even stable rate that provides a more consistent burn. Both atomizers cores are wrapped in surgical grade stainless steel and feature our patent pending 1 way anti-leak valve. Utilizing a ball bearing system that conducts electricity to the atomizer, it allows air to come in without any melted concentrate to escape.

Because leakage is no longer a concern, our patent pending improved airflow design is possible. Enlarged porting at the base allows for maximum airflow to the heating chamber leading to a cleaner better harder hitting experience for you.

The J-Pen is powered by the highest grade Lithium Ion 650mAh triple adjusted battery. 5 clicks to change settings from off, blue (3.1-3.2V), white (3.5-3.6V), red (4.1-4.15V) and comes with a 420mAh USB SuperCharger 420mAh with overcharge protection and Titanium Dab tool.

What’s included:

  • Vaporous Mouthpiece*
  • Dual Coil Deep Dish Atomizer (Ceramic core)*
  • Dual Coil Deep Dish Atomizer (Quartz core)*
  • Vaporous Flow Series 650mAh Adjustable Temperature Battery**
  • Vaporous Titanium Dab Tool
  • Vaporous Travel Tin
  • Wireless USB charger**

* US and International Patents Pending
** One year warranty on battery and USB charger

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