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The best just got better! The J-Pen Pro series offers a series of improvements over the standard J-Pen that cater to the power user. If you are looking for the ultimate customizable concentrate experience its time to go Pro!


The J-Pen pro series takes the industry leading J-pen and adds to it, an adjustable concentrate management system that provides an experience unlike any other.

The Concentrate management system offers a few improvements to the existing J-Pen Design. It adds a heating rod to the atomizer chamber, centralizing the concentrate and ensuring that equal heat is applied to the entire area you are trying to burn, dramatically increasing the amount of vapor that can be produced at once.

On top of the heating rod is an adjustable carb cap to customize the amount of outside air that you want to enter that second chamber that recirculates turbulent air around the freshly burned concentrate to increase the amount of vapor produced at an even cooler temperature.

The J-Pen Pro comes with 2 interchangeable 14mm dual core atomizers to create the perfect hit for your personal preference. The Ceramic core heats rapidly creating a more explosive hit, while the Quartz core heats at an even stable rate that provides a more consistent burn. Both atomizers cores are wrapped in surgical grade stainless steel and feature our patent pending 1 way anti-leak valve. Utilizing a ball bearing system that conducts electricity to the atomizer, it allows air to come in without any melted concentrate to escape.

Because leakage is no longer a concern, our patent pending improved airflow design is possible. Enlarged porting at the base allows for maximum airflow to the heating chamber leading to a cleaner better harder hitting experience for you.

The J-Pen Pro is powered by the highest grade Lithium Ion 650mAh triple adjusted battery. 5 clicks to change settings from off, blue (3.1-3.2V), white (3.5-3.6V), red (4.1-4.15V) and comes with a 420mAh USB SuperCharger with overcharge protection and Titanium Dab tool

What’s included:

  • Vaporous Mouthpiece*
  • Pro Series Cap
  • Pro Series Hard Top
  • Pro Series Atomizer Adapter
  • Glass Tube (14mm)
  • Internally Adjustable Carb Cap*
  • Dual Coil Deep Dish Atomizer (Ceramic core)*
  • Dual Coil Deep Dish Atomizer (Quartz core)*
  • Vaporous Flow Series 650mAh Adjustable Temperature Battery**
  • Vaporous silicone container
  • Vaporous Titanium Dab Tool
  • Vaporous Travel Tin
  • Wired USB SuperCharger with Wall Adapter**

* US and International Patents Pending
** One year warranty on battery and USB charger

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