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PAL Tank Kit

The PAL Tank Kit packages the industry leading PAL Tank with a high output battery. When looking for a low-cost high performance device, this is the right choice for you!


The PAL tank takes a new look at an old problem, and features patent pending improvements over standard cartridge systems. By improving the design to eliminate leaking and increasing airflow, the PAL tank provides an unrivaled level of consistent vapor production.

While a standard cartridge relies on friction from the wick to prevent leaking, the PAL has a PATENT PENDING 1 way anti-leak valve, that utilizes a ball bearing system that conducts electricity to the atomizer and allows air to come in without any liquid escaping.

Because the tank is sealed, our patent pending improved airflow design is possible. Enlarged porting at the base allows for 2.5 times more air to enter the tank leading to a cleaner burning harder hitting experience for you.

Powering the PAL tank is a 220mAh high grade Lithium Ion battery , and comes with a 420mAh USB SuperCharger with overcharge protection.

What’s included:

  • PAL Tank*
  • Flow Series 220mAh Battery**
  • Wireless USB SuperCharger**

* US and International Patents Pending
** One year warranty on battery and USB charger

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